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GST-ExCus DVD 2022

GST-ExCus DVD 2022 - Mahavir Law House(MLH)
GST-ExCus DVD 2022


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Note : GST ExCus is a research software that includes a legacy database of more than 90 years for Case Laws, Notifications & Circulars, Statutes, etc. The GST Department, Courts/Tribunals, Firms trust GST-ExCus for their litigation, advisory & assessment work.

Annual Subscription for the year 2022 (Jan-Dec)

  • [Holistic Coverage] of the Indirect-tax Laws, which includes the following:
    • Goods & Services Tax (GST) Laws
    • Customs Laws
    • Excise Laws
    • Service-tax
    • Export-Import (EXIM)
    • Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)
    • Allied Laws
  • [Search Engine] for precise & pinpointed results
    • Start your search using:
      • 25,000+ Pre-validated Subject list, or
      • Act/Rule Name, or
      • Section/Rule Number, or
      • Court/Bench, or
      • Party/Judge Name, or
      • Citation
    • Get Simultaneous Information on:
      • Statutes
      • Case Laws
      • Notifications & Circulars
      • GST Rates
      • Articles, FAQs, etc.
  • [Search Modes] to make sure you get what you need, we give:
    • New Search for new independent search
    • Refine Search for ‘search-within-search’ by adding new keywords
    • Combine Search for combining existing results with new parameter results
    • Remove from Results for removing existing results with new parameter search
    • Search in Headnote for restricting query search in the Headnote only
  • [1,17,000+ Case Laws] with the following:
    • Comprehensive Headnotes
    • Including cases reported in G.S.T.L., E.L.T., and S.T.R.
    • Court-room Highlights
    • Hyperlinking with related cases
    • Judicial Analysis for finding the right case law for your client, including:
      • Referred cases
      • Relied upon by other cases
      • Distinguished in another case
      • Followed in another case
      • Affirmed in another case
      • Maintained in another case
      • Reversed in another case
      • Approved in another case
      • Disapproved in another case
      • Overruled in another case
      • Dissented in another case
      • Departed in another case
      • Disagreed in another case
      • Agreed with in another case
  • [17,600+ Notifications & 5,600+ Circulars] on GST, Customs, Excise, Service-tax, FEMA, EXIM, Allied Laws, classified into the following:
    • Tariff & Non-Tariff
    • Laws (GST, Customs, Excise, etc.)
  • [Statutes] on GST, Customs, Excise, Service-tax, FEMA, EXIM, Allied Laws, covering:
    • Act, Rules & Forms
    • Finance Act & Finance Minister’s Speech since 1986
We will update soon...
We will update soon...