D.P Mittal

D.P Mittal (Author)
D.P. Mittal is an advocate, tax and business law consultant.
He has authored about two hundred articles in Indian and foreign magazines and journals and also books on various law subjects; some of them are as follows :—
·         Interpretation of Taxing Statutes, Wills, Deeds and Documents;
·         Laws relating to Copyrights, Patents, Trade Marks and GATT;
·         Business and Commercial Laws;
·         Law of Arbitration, ADR and Contract in India;
·         Indian Patents Law;
·         Natural Justice, Judicial Review & Administrative Law;
·         Law of Trade Marks;
·         Law of Information Technology (Cyber Law);
·         Law of Arbitration (2002);
·         Indian Patents Law and Procedure (2002);
·         Trade Marks Passing off and Geographical Indications of Goods - Law and Procedure (2002);
·         Competition Law;
·         Law relating to Sick Industries;
·         Interpretation of Statutes;
·         Law Dictionary

List of Books Written by D.P Mittal