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Management Principles and Applications

Management Principles and Applications (Odisha) - Mahavir Law House(MLH)
Management Principles and Applications


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Note : The book "Management Principles and Applications (Odisha)" consists of 21 chapters. This is a Comprehensive text book on “Management Principles and Applications for B.Com (Hons.) [Three Year (6 Semester)] under CBCS Programme throughout Orissa.


A Comprehensive & Authentic Text Book on“Management Principles and Applications” For B.Com (Hons.)[Three Year (6-Semester)] under CBCS Programme throughout Odisha
  • The book is also useful for other undergraduate courses in commerce and management of various Universities/Institute.
  • Subject matter has been explained in simple and student-friendly language.
  • Tables have been used for comparative study and understanding of the concepts.
  • Each paragraph is distinctly numbered and starts with relevant background of the subject.
  • Questions are framed keeping in mind comprehensive understanding of the concepts
Chapter No Chapter name
Chapter: 1 Management Concept and Nature
Chapter: 2 Co-Ordination
Chapter: 3 Evolution of Management Thought
Chapter: 4 Contemporary Management Theories
Chapter: 5 Management by Objectives
Chapter: 6 Planning Function
Chapter: 7 Strategic Planning
Chapter: 8 Business Environment
Chapter: 9 Decision Making
Chapter: 10 Organizing Functions
Chapter: 11 Authority Responsibility and Relationships
Chapter: 12 Delegation and Decentralization
Chapter: 13 Formal and Informal Organizations
Chapter: 14 Types of Organization Structure
Chapter: 15 Staffing : Nature and Process
Chapter: 16 Motivation
Chapter: 17 Leadership
Chapter: 18 Communication
Chapter: 19 Control : Concept and Process
Chapter: 20 Techniques of Control
Chapter: 21 Trends and Challenges of Management