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Hand Book on Court Visits

Hand Book on Court Visits - Mahavir Law House(MLH)
Hand Book on Court Visits


2nd Ed. 2023
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252 | paperback
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Court visit is a new introduction in the curriculum of law. Accordingly, the students are required to visit various courts from the very inception of their law course. Their court visits are conducted under the supervision of eminent lawyer and the basic purpose is to train the students about the procedural laws and practices of courts.

The present book is meant to provide the general but crucial knowledge to the students about the law and procedures of court. It does not travel into the intricacies of law but touches upon the vital aspects of procedural laws so that the students do not find themselves foreign to the courts and procedures when they enter into actual practice. This book shall be extremely useful to law students,  teachers of law and the practicing lawyers on account of its efficacy.

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