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Goods & Services Tax Cases with 3 Daily e-Mail Services

Goods & Services Tax Cases – The GST Weekly
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Goods & Services Tax Cases with 3 Daily e-Mail Ser..


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Note : it has 6 volumes(52parts )

Taxmann's GST Cases is a weekly in-print Journal that is delivered at your doorstep every week. This Journal is made for professionals, by the professionals, with a focus on the analysis of the latest statutory & judicial changes.This Journal is a subscription-based product that comes in 6 Volumes/52 parts during the year. The noteworthy features of the Journal are as follows:

  • [Recent Developments in GST] Weekly Journal incorporates all the latest developments in GST Laws
  • [Focused Statutory Updates] Get first-hand information on all changes/amendments in CGST Act, IGST Act, UTGST Act and State GST Acts, along with Rules, Circulars & Notifications, Instructions, Tariff, etc.
  • [Focused Case Laws Updates] Comprehensive digest of all-important case laws from:
    • Supreme Court
    • High Courts
    • AAAR/AAR
  • [Weekly BrowserThis Journal provides brief yet comprehensive statutory updates and summary of all important judgments
  • [Peer-Reviewed ArticlesThis Journal provides opinions of experts to navigate the grey areas of the law
  • [Made for Professionals, by the Professionals] This Journal is specially conceived to keep CA/CS/Cost Accountants/Corporate Professionals analytically informed
  • [Understand the Impact of Statutory & Judicial ChangesThis Journal throws light on implications of important Rulings & Statutory changes, and professionals can use the latest Judgments/Statutory changes for their clients' benefit
  • [Helping you Stay Updated Daily] Along with the subscription of this Journal, you will get 5 Daily & 1 Weekly e-newsletter that is delivered to you via email
  • [#TaxmannCares Initiative] This Journal is covered under the #TaxmannCares initiative, which includes the following benefits:
    • [Free Delivery] Free delivery is provided through Registered Post/Courier
    • [Free Access to Taxmann's Virtual Journal] Free Access to Taxmann's Virtual Journal is an ebook initiative for an uninterrupted reading experience
    • [Free Access to Taxmann's Premium News & Updates] Free Access to Taxmann's Premium News & Updates worth INR 4,100/-
    • [No Cost EMIOption of no-cost EMI is available on in-print weekly journals when you subscribe online
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