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Fundamentals of E-Commerce(Orissa)

Fundamentals of E-Commerce - Mahavir Law House(MLH)
Fundamentals of E-Commerce(Orissa)


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Note : This is a Comprehensive text book on “Endam-Commerce”. The book primarily. covers the syllabus for B.Com (Hons.) under CBCS Programme of various Universities throughout Orissa


A Comprehensive text book on “e-Commerce”. The book primarily covers the syllabus for B.Com (Hons.) under CBCS Programme of variousUniversities throughout Odisha
  • Written in lucid style and understandable language.
  • Additional readings are incorporated to enhance the skill of students.
  • Wherever required the subject has been duly illustrated and explained with the help of tables, diagrams and pictorial representations.
  • Uniformity is maintained throughout the book to make it reader friendly.
  • Special emphasis on the importance of Online Retailing and Demonetisation in growth of e-Commerce is given in the book.
  • Comprehensive coverage of relevant examples on e-commerce from Indian & Global scenarios.
  • Review Questions have been given at the end of each chapter along with the summary.
Chapter No Chapter name
Chapter: 1 Introduction to E-Commerce
Chapter: 2 Technology Used in E-Commerce
Chapter: 3 Technology for Online Business
Chapter: 4 E-Payment
Chapter: 5 Online Business Transactions
Chapter: 6 E-Retailing
Chapter: 7 Security and Legal Aspects of E-Commerce