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FEMA & FDI Ready Reckoner

FEMA & FDI Ready Reckoner - Mahavir Law House(MLH)
FEMA & FDI Ready Reckoner


17th edition 2022
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542 | Paperback
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This book provides complete and accurate information about all provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA). It also includes guidance on all practical issues faced by companies and FEMA professionals. Key features of this book are as follows:

[Topic-wise Commentary] on FEMA
[Analysis] with relevant Rules, Judicial Pronouncements, Circulars, Notifications and Master Directions issued by the Reserve Bank of India
Law Relating to the following
Prevention of Money Laundering Act
Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act

Chapter No Chapter name
Chapter: 1 FEMA - Overview
Chapter: 2 Resident and Non-Resident Person under FEMA
Chapter: 3 Authorised Person under FEMA
Chapter: 4 Foreign exchange rates
Chapter: 5 Bank accounts and deposits in India by a person resident out- side India
Chapter: 6 Foreign Currency Accounts that can be opened in India
Chapter: 7 Foreign Currency Accounts that can be held outside India
Chapter: 8 Vostro Rupee/Foreign Currency Accounts of Non-resident Exchange Houses
Chapter: 9 Receipt and payment in foreign exchange
Chapter: 10 Realisation, repatriation and surrender of foreign exchange
Chapter: 11 Money Changing Activities
Chapter: 12 Money Transfer Service Scheme
Chapter: 13 Possession and Retention of Foreign Currency
Chapter: 14 Export and Import of Currency or Currency Notes
Chapter: 15 Current Account Transactions
Chapter: 16 Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS)
Chapter: 17 Export of Goods and Services
Chapter: 18 Import of Goods and Services
Chapter: 19 Project exports and Service Exports
Chapter: 20 Capital account transactions
Chapter: 21 Borrowing and Lending in foreign currency
Chapter: 22 Borrowing and Lending transactions in Indian Rupee between Persons Resident in India and NRI/PIO
Chapter: 23 Trade Credits
Chapter: 24 Investments in foreign securities other than JV/WOS
Chapter: 25 Acquisition and Transfer of Immovable Property under FEMA
Chapter: 26 Remittance of Assets outside India
Chapter: 27 Guarantee to or from person resident out of India
Chapter: 28 Insurance
Chapter: 29 Risk Management in Foreign Exchange
Chapter: 30 Foreign Direct Investment in India (FDI)
Chapter: 31 Industrial Policy of Government of India
Chapter: 32 Issue of shares of Indian company to Non-residents
Chapter: 33 Transfer of shares and convertible debentures
Chapter: 34 Sector wise FDI Policy at a glance
Chapter: 35 External commercial borrowings
Chapter: 36 Direct Investment by Residents in Joint Venture (JV)/Wholly Owned Subsidiary (WOS) Abroad
Chapter: 37 Branch Office (BO)/Liaison Office (LO)/Project Office (PO) by foreign entities
Chapter: 38 Issue of security in India by company outside India - IDR
Chapter: 39 Reporting under Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999
Chapter: 40 Enforcement of FEMA
Chapter: 41 Penalties under FEMA
Chapter: 42 Appeal under FEMA
Chapter: 43 Compounding of Contraventions under FEMA
Chapter: 44 Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA)
Chapter: 45 Prevention of Money Laundering Act
Chapter: 46 COFEPOSA, 1974
Chapter: 47 Acronyms used in FEMA

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