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Note : The book "Entrepreneurship"spans over 9 chapters.This is a Comprehensive Text Book on ‘Entrepreneurship’ for fourth semester of B.Com (H) & Fifth Semester of B.Com students under CBCS Programme of Delhi University and Other Central Universities throughout India


The paper ’Entrepreneurship’ is meant for fourth semester of B.Com (H) & Fifth Semester of B.Com students, CBCS course introduced by University of Delhi and other Central Universities throughout India. We are very positive that, after going through the Book, there is every possibility of students becoming successful Entrepreneurs,  and will find a place in the next edition, as a motivating success storyand example for other students
Salient Features
  • It has been written in a simple & lucid language which is easy to comprehend and learn
  • Case studies & ’To do Exercises’ have been included at the end of each chapter, to enable students to explore and identify the practical aspect of Entrepreneurship 
  • This  book will not only help the students to secure good marks for themselves, but will also be a boon for any aspiring & budding  Entrepreneur
  • After having gone through the book, the reader will be able to identify his/her hidden potential through personal SWOT analysis and would be well versed with the business world
  • Students/Readers would learn the methodology and modalities of setting up small business ventures & ways and methods of arranging and managing finances
  • The book also contains the method of Appraising a Project, Writing a Project Report, making a Feasibility Study and contains the much needed formats of Business Proposals
  • The various case studies and the brief sketches of the successful Entrepreneurial stories of, Women Entrepreneurs, Dalit Entrepreneurs and Young Entrepreneurs, would certainly boost the Morale & provide motivation to students to become Entrepreneurs
  • The Book covers the latest trend in the various types of Entrepreneurships that are known till now
  • Above all, the Book encourages Entrepreneurship, which the Indian economy needs today, so that the problems of unemployment and under- employment can be overcome
Chapter No Chapter name
Unit: I Introduction
Chapter: 1 Meaning, elements, determinants and importance of entrepreneurship and creative, behaviour, Entrepreneurship and creative response to the society’ problems and at work
Chapter: 2 Dimensions of entrepreneurship: intrapreneurship, techno-preneurship, cultural entrepreneurship, international entrepreneurship, netpreneurship, ecopreneurship, and social entrepreneurship, and Idea entrepreneurship
Chapter: 3 Entrepreneurship - Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Concept of business groups and role of business houses and Family Business in India
Chapter: 4 The contemporary role models in Indian business: their values, business philosophy and behavioural orientations. Conflict in family business and its resolution
Unit: III Entrepreneurial Sustainability
Chapter: 5 Public and private system of stimulation, support and sustainability of entrepreneurship, Requirement, availability and access to finance, marketing assistance, technology, and industrial accommodation
Chapter: 6 Role of Industries/Entrepreneur’s Associations and Self-help Groups, the concept, role and functions of Business Incubators, Angel Investors, Venture Capital and Private Equity Fund
Unit: IV Business Plan Preparation
Chapter: 7 Sources of business ideas and tests of feasibility, Significance of writing the business plan/project proposal, Contents of business plan/project proposal, Designing business processes, location, layout, operation, planning & control; preparation of project report (various aspects of the project report such as size of investment, nature of product, market potential may be covered). Project submission/presentation and appraisal thereof by external agencies, such as financial/non-financial institutions
Chapter: 8 Business plans and project report
Unit: V Small Business Management
Chapter: 9 Mobilizing resources for start-up, Accommodation and utilities, Preliminary contracts with the vendors, suppliers, bankers, principal customers; Contract management: Basic start-up problems
Appendix Success Stories of some Entrepreneurs of India

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