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Cyber Crimes & Laws - B.Com (Hons.)

Cyber Crimes & Laws - B.Com (Hons.) - Mahavir Law House(MLH)
Cyber Crimes & Laws - B.Com (Hons.)


4th edition
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256 | Paperback
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Note : This text book is designed to cater to the needs of students pursuing B.Com (Hons):Three Year (6-Semester) CBCS Programme of Central Universities Throughout India.


  • Complete text book for undergraduate students; covers revised semester syllabus of Paper BCH 4.5(d) of B.Com (Hons): Three Year (6-Semester) CBCS Programme of Delhi University and other Central Universities as per revised Course Structure which was implemented from Academic Year 2015-16.
  • Units covered are: Unit I: Cyber Crimes, Unit II: Definition and Terminology, Unit III: Electronic Records, Unit IV: Regulatory Framework and Unit V: Case Laws relating to IT Act, 2000. 
  • Presents complicated provisions of the law in simple and lucid language.
  • Provides a comprehensive coverage of the law with interesting examples/case studies derived from landmark rulings.
  • Test Questions, True/False Statements with hints and Projects are given at the end of each chapter to provide students a thorough practice in solving examination questions.
  • Author’s vast experience of 35 years in teaching business, Industrial & Cyber laws has been of immense assistance in attempting to make the book as student friendly as possible.
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