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Business in Crisis

Business in Crisis - Mahavir Law House(MLH)
Business in Crisis


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The question addressed by the author of this book is : how can one conduct business in a crisis and pull out of it. The book attempts to provide a guide to staying confident and focused in a crisis and to do a few things to enable a business sustain in a crisis.

The book is divided into two parts. Part I enables the reader to gather the necessary strategies for business sustenance. Doing lot of things and taking business into different directions in a crisis creates an uncertain future for the company when the economy starts recovering. Concentrating on just what it takes to survive a business helps wade through a crisis effectively. Part II explains the action steps of facing and beating the crisis to the maximum extent possible. Understanding the symptoms of crisis and attacking each of them is equivalent to winning and beating a crisis. Pushing the effects of crisis away from the business as far as possible is beating the crisis. This part delves into the aftermath of a crisis and taking the business in its healthy state. A research survey worldwide conducted in 2009 led to finding that an economic crisis necessitates staying calm and ensuring the sustenance of business. The single most pre-requisite is to ensure the sustenance of business in the crisis or slowdown period. The most important elements that aid the business in an economic crisis are customer affiliation followed by right capital structure and financial discipline. Thus following the customers is the most important element that can aid the business facing a crisis.

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