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Concessional Air-Fare arrangement

January 01, 2018



This Concessional Fare arrangement envisaged for ICAI Members & Students, and their identity shall be established on the basis of their membership number/Student Registration number as the case may be. The concessional airfare rates shall remain in vogue with respect to any member/student so long as his/her Membership/Registration with the Institute continues.

Appended below are the broad terms on which it will work:

Promotion Code

To Remember

Sale Validity FROM


Sale Validity TILL


Travel Validity FROM


Travel Validity TILL


Payment Gateways

All Credit/Debit Cards PLUS ‘Net Banking’


One Way and Return Trips on All Domestic & International flights operated by Jet Airways India Ltd.

Incentive not applicable

i)      Code Share flights NOT applicable

ii)     During Sale period

Cabin Type & Class

Premiere and Economy – All Classes

Discount to be given

15% (On Base Fare only)


 Steps Involved In the process

Step 1: Please visit the website

Step 2: The Promo Code Box appears at the begging of the reservation process. Put the “Deal Code” in the “Promo Code Box” on top after entering travel details (source, destination, date of travel, one/two way etc.) and click aeroplane sign shown at the end of the dialogue box.

Step 3: Choose the flight in which you want to travel and click continue button shown at the end of the webpage.

Step 4: If you are existing Customer log in after your log in credentials and if you are not existing customer, log in as a guest after entering your e-mail Id.

Step 5: Enter your personal credentials; after entering personal details click the button continue contact details.

Step 6: In contact details you are requested to put all the contact credentials, at the end you are requested to insert the "Deal Code" in the "Corporate Deal Code" Box

Step 7: Amenities provided by the airways will be shown, as per your convenience you need to choose or left out. In the end, you must tick the small box for accepting terms and conditions.

Step 8: You need to make payment for receiving the ticket as per your travel plan.

N.B. Members/students will get the "Deal Code" in their registered E-mail Id of the Institute and requested not to provide the same to others. Members/students are free to avail the tickets of any other entity.

Disclaimer: Travelers are advised to purchase the tickets as per the agreement signed by ICAI & Jet airways. It may be stated a member of the Institute, whether in practice or not, shall be deemed to be guilty of professional misconduct if he contravenes any provision of the aforesaid agreement. Nobody shall have any right or claim whatsoever against the Committee/institute scheme shall be sole discretion of the Committee/ institute and binding on all.


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