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DGFT Digital Signature Certificate

To whom DGFT Digital Signature certificate is issued ?

DGFT Digital signature is issued to the organization/people who have obtained a valid IEC (Import Export Code) from DGFT. It is mandatory to have Digital Signature to be able to communicate with DGFT online. For organisation authorised individual has to apply for DGFT Digital Signature. DGFT Digital signatures can be issued to multiple people from same company.

Where DGFT Digital Signature is used ?

It is compulsory to use Digital Signature for applying DFRC, EPCG, Advance License, Focus Market Scheme (FMS), and Vishesh Krishi Upaj Yojna (VKUY) from DGFT. Benefits of DGFT Digital Signature / Safe Exim Digital Signature /nexim Digital Signature / Emudhra digital signature:

Secure Gateway to DGFT E-Application

How to buy DGFT Digital Signature Certificate ?

Apart from traditional ways you can buy online dgft digital signature from Mahavir Law House.

Buy safeexim digital signature certificate by Safescrypt

Buy nexim digital signature certificate by Ncode solutions

Buy Emudhra dgft digital signature

DFGT Digital Signature application Form

New nexim digital signature application form

Renewal application form of nexim - Ncode solutions

New safeexim digital signature application form

Renewal application form of safeexim - Safescrypt Ltd.


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