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2011 edition

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A Comprehensive & Authentic Text Book On Management Fundamentals & Information Systems Conceived Especially For B. Level Course Of Doeacc (B-3.1-R4)

Outlines Of The Book

  • Comprehensive Coverage Of The Following Topics :
  • The Process Of Management
  • Information System Concepts
  • Functional And Other Information Systems
  • Enterprise Systems
  • System Development Process
  • Information System Security
  • Information Systems Control Techniques
  • Case Studies

Key Features Of The Book

  • Objectives:     Each Chapter Begins With Objectives Intended To Prepare Readers For The Main Chapter Content.
  • Definitions In Boxes:  In The Beginning Of Each Topic Precise Definitions And Key Points Are Given.
  • Figures And Tables:   Figures Help One To Visualize The Concept And Tables Provide The Concept In Abstract Form.
  • Summary:    Each Chapter’s Text Is Followed By Summary - The Main Key Points. These Points Provide Helpful Way To Recap And Revisit The Ideas Covered In Each Chapter.
  • Review Questions:   At The End Of Each Chapter An Assessment With A Set Of Review Questions Is Provided That Reinforce The Main Concepts Introduced In Each Chapter.
  • Case Studies And Illustration:   The Topic Studied In Each Chapter Have Been Reviewed In Environment Where Students Can See The Use Of Computer Based Information In Various Domains.
  • Model Question Paper And Assignments: At The End Of The Book Model Question Paper And Assignments Are Also Enclosed.



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