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GST How to Meet Your Obligations | Set of 2 Volumes

GST How to Meet Your Obligations | Set of 2 Volumes
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GST How to Meet Your Obligations | Set of 2 Volume..


11th Edition
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3602 | Paperback
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GST How to Meet Your Obligations is Taxmann's bestselling commentary explaining every concept of GST in a lucid manner. The various provisions contained in different statutes are discussed in sixty chapters giving the scope of provisions of section, rules, supported by judgements or orders of various Tribunals, High Courts and Supreme Court. The provisions are also explained in different places by way of giving examples.

The thirst of the book is to explain the provisions in layman's language so that it is understood very easily. It may be mentioned that this book is not only read by all businessmen, employees but regularly used by the departmental officers and even in courts.

The Present Publication is the 11th Edition, authored by S.S. Gupta & updated till 17th June 2021. This book comes in a set of 2 volumes & it is divided into six divisions, namely:

  • Basic Concepts
  • Exemption & Other Levies
  • Export & Import of Goods and Services
  • Procedures
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Appeals
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