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Direct Tax Laws on DVD

Direct Tax Laws on DVD-A Complete Database on Direct Tax Laws Since 1886 - Mahavir Law House(MLH)
Direct Tax Laws on DVD

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Integrated Database of Case Laws

Every Case Law has been tagged with a number of parameters for quick and accurate research with a minimum effort. All related documents have been integrated to help you to access them at one place in single click.

Research Box

Research Box is a tool to name and save all precious research work. It is a file & Folder Utility where you can make your own folders and save the research work.

Drop Box

Research Box comes with a unique option for synchronization with Drop Box to ensure that you have access to your research work anywhere, anytime and on any device. All your research work can be saved at and restored from

Taxmann’s Search

  • Taxmann’s search is a Comprehensive Legal Search Engine which work on best ‘Algorithms’ and ‘Set’ of instructions to give you the best results with minimum efforts.
  • Use of Trigger Words & 'Query expansion' Technique, boost up the relevant result
  • Customized search engine especially developed for Research on taxation Matters
  • Multiple check boxes enable you to club or expand your research results

Real Time Updation

Real Time Updation of Court’s Judgments as well as Acts/Rules/Circulars/Notifications with Weekly Internet updation.

Statues Research & Data Integration

An integrated Presentation of Income-tax Act etc. with

(a) relevant rules;

(b) relevant Circulars and Notifications;

(c) words & phrases;

(d) allied laws, and € amendment analysis and host of other features

We will update soon...
We will update soon...