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Derivatives & Risk Management

Derivatives & Risk Management
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Derivatives & Risk Management


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2014 edition

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A Comprehensive & Authentic Text Book on Derivatives for MBA, PDGM, M.Com, CFA and Other Courses

This book has been specially prepared for the students taking Derivatives paper at Post-graduate Courses in Commerce and Management. An attempt has been made to explain the basic concepts of Derivatives in simple, lucid and easy to understand language. The Book contains numerous examples and solved numerical illustrations. Sufficient Assignments, Objective Type Questions, Multiple Choice Questions and Unsolved Problems (with Answers) have been provided at the end of different Chapters to help students in their efforts to prepare for the examination.

  • An authentic and lucid presentation of the theoretical concepts, procedures and practices of Derivatives.
  • Detailed exposition of the latest developments taking place in the Indian Derivatives Market and at the Global Level.
  • Exclusive and indepth coverage of courses prescribed for Derivatives & Risk Management Paper for MBA and equivalent examinations.
  • Synopsis in the beginning of every Chapter to present a concise view of the contents of the Chapter.
  • A summary, in the form of Points to Remember, at the end of every Chapter to recapitulate the contents of the Chapter.
  • Numerous Examples and Solved Graded Illustrations.
  • Questions set in different Examinations have been incorporated at appropriate places.
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), with answers, are provided in the form of Question Bank.
  • Concept Check : Test Yourself are given at appropriate places allowing readers to self-check their level of understanding of the relevant concept.
  • Actual cases and episodes from the Derivatives Market across the globe are given in Finance Box; wherever necessary.
  • Caselets in the form of Classroom Project are given at different places to help readers to integrate their theoretical knowledge with the practice.


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