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Financial Accounting

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Financial Accounting


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Note : The book " Financial Accounting (Set of 2 Volumes)" is a comprehensive text book on ‘Financial Accounting’ for B.Com (Hons.) SEM (I) Paper BCH 1.2 Core under CBCS Programme of University of Delhi and various Central Universities throughout India. Volume I: Text & Illustrations Volume II: Assignments


Volume 1
Text & Illustrations

Volume 2

A Comprehensive text book on “Financial Accounting” for theB.Com (Hons.) SEM (I) Paper BCH 1.2 Core under CBCS Programme ofUniversity of Delhi and various Central Universities throughout India

  • The book is also useful for other UG/PG and management courses of various Universities/Institutions.
  • This book provides a comprehensive presentation of theory, procedure and practice of accounting.
  • It is a student-oriented book.
  • It has been written in simple language and in systematic manner.
  • Special emphasis has been given to those points which students generally find difficult.
  • It contains large number of solved illustrations with working notes.
  • Practical assignments and latest question papers have been given in Volume-II of the book.
  • A large number of true or false type questions have also been incorporated in the book.
  • Accounting treatment has been given in conformity with the Accounting Standards and relevant statutes.
  • The book has been written by Mr. Bhushan Kumar Goyal except the chapter “Computerized Accounting System” written by Mr. H.N. Tiwari.
Chapter No Chapter name
Chapter: 1 Accounting System
Chapter: 2 Financial Accounting Principles
Chapter: 3 Accounting Standards and IFRS
Chapter: 4 Accounting Process : Journal and Ledger
Chapter: 5 Accounting Process : Subsidiary Books, Ledger and Trial Balance
Chapter: 6 Measurement of Business Income and Revenue Recognition
Chapter: 7 Depreciation Accounting
Chapter: 8 Inventory Valuation
Chapter: 9 Capital and Revenue Expenditures and Receipts
Chapter: 10 Financial Statements of Non-Corporate Business Entities
Chapter: 11 Financial Statements of Not for Profit Organisations
Chapter: 12 Financial Statements from Incomplete Records (Single Entry System)
Chapter: 13 Accounting for Hire Purchase and Installment Systems
Chapter: 14 Concepts of Operating and Finance Lease
Chapter: 15 Accounting for Inland Branches
Chapter: 16 Accounting for Dissolution of Partnership Firms
Chapter: 17 Computerized Accounting System
Chapter: 18 Change of Method of Depreciation with Retrospective Effect (as per as-6)